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You fucking bastards. I know what im going to do with my life, you rot in your fucking wealth.


Such anger. *hugs*
Think i need to explain my anger sometimes? hahah *hugs*
Vague Anger is fine because it happens. Sometimes we are so overwhelmed by our emotions that there really is no words to explain them.
The above display of anger wasnt unfounded, but yes, no words to explain sometimes, or lack of desire to share reasons and such.
Nice to know what you are going to do in life... I still do not know... just a vague inclination...

It's fine not to know too, :o) its quite nice, it makes life more fun and exciting that way. I know which field i want to go to, thats the extent of it, what i'll do is another matter.


"it makes life more fun and exciting that way"

Lol, I wouldn't put it quite that way, but there is a certain romanticism to it. So what field are you considering moving towards?

No matter what I do I think I want to stay close to the arts... without ever actually producing art (not with the intention of it being public anyway)... that is why I am either considering being involved in art centres or as an alternative... perhaps lecturing. Unfortunately, I feel as though whatever future occupation I have... it needs to have a personal weight and significance behind it.

I could just go work in a random office, which does not involve anything I find of interest ... but I think in doing that a part of myself would be irrecoverably crushed...

Btw, I'll suggest you some books when I have some free time... but to get you started try for fiction Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye (or any of her other works), anything from Audre Lorde (fiction and even better her non-fiction), Maxine Hong Kingston’s The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts, anything from Jean Rhys... and now my mind is currantly drawing a blank... Shuger's Lesbian Seperatism is an interesting read too... if that is the right title... Joan Nestle also produces some interesting Lesbian criticism... hmmm... Thomas Hardy's Tess is worth a read...

I'll suggest you some others later on in the week.
Sorry for the Anon, that was me.
It sounds great that you want to be involved with art centres and lectures and things, why dont you want to publish your art?

I was thinking of going towards work with social reform and such in pakistan, politics and things like that. I'll check those books out, :o) I have Maxine's Warrior Woman, i liked it alot.

Hows everything else going? I mean life in relation to being asian and muslim, the balance?


i agree. with it all. every beautiful word of it.

i love you because youre real.
i love you because you are raw
i love you because you sedate me


I love you because youre my reflection,
Distorted but perfected in its own right,
A form of confession, dire and painful,
But displayed for the world to see!

Napalmniel, emaileth me for i hath confused myself as to what your email is, and i miss talking to you :o(


my email is samo@email.com now

i lost yours too! >_


Shall proceed to emaileth you!
Thats alot better then what they spend their wealth on, so I think you should have it. *pokes you*
I wish I could!!!

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